Artist Film & Video Day

Looking at the luminaries whose experimentation with what film could be had a major impact on cinema today, by taking art to the screen. Choose  from a range of activities:

  • Word association games (starting the day with a revolution!)
  • Photomontage.
  • Film without filming.
  • The Splendour of Surrealism Trail (with Man Ray and Hannah Hoch).
  • Final cabaret & awards.

Additional information:

Workshop Type: Families & schools / facilitator led / timed sessions.

Options: Mix & match content to appropriate age & interests / costumed  & theatrical or simple show & tell.

Timing: Full day or half day sessions available.

Learning Outcomes:

Enhanced knowledge of the structure and texture of film and its use of  technology.

Greater awareness of the history of moving image media.

Improved confidence through articulating opinions, performing and creativity.

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