Colour Scientists

This fun, interactive and theatrical workshop examines the effects of colour immersion and association on participants. Making use of overhead, slide and digital projectors, clipboard-wielding chromatic scientists Daphne and Delia quiz visitors to a the labyrinthine laboratory of moving, tangible screens.

A sequence of projections of pure primary colours, famous ‘block colour’ modernist art works and early 20th century animation bathe the workshop space followed by the opportunity for participants to create  pictures, patterns and colour mixing and even project themselves!

Additional information:

Workshop Type:  Families and early years / immersive and theatrical / constructive.

Options: Drop in or a timed session / facilitator or family led.

Timing: Flexible, approx. 30 mins long.

Learning Outcomes:

Greater understanding of colour and composition.

Greater knowledge of the history of art and confidence around appreciating art.

Improved confidence through articulating opinions and imaginative play.

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