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Colour Scientists @ Camp Bestival

Committed choromaticists Deirdre,  Dinah, Delia and Dereck took to Camp Bestival with aplomb to conduct a series of tests, tricks and games selected by a spin of their  colour wheel….

Adapted from  Mirror Mirror’s original  interactive / immersive workshop for  TATE Britain, our festival version of Colour Scientists embraced old style variety entertainment with a colour based game of  Animal, Vegetable, Mineral, live colour mixing  and bouts of  on stage ‘frequency dancing.’

Additional information:

Workshop Type: Families and early years / theatrical / interactive

Options: Timed session / facilitator  led

Timing: Flexible, approx. 45 mins long

Learning Outcomes:

Greater understanding of the properties and  possibilities of colour

Greater knowledge of history and associations of colour

Opportunity to take part in games and perform on stage

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