Geometric Dancing @ TATE Britain

Explore basic shapes and movement with this gentle workshop for young children and families, hosted by Mirror Mirror’s grande dames of the Geometric Dancing Academy.

During the dance, wire outlines will be created based on participants’ gestures – these can then be decorated and danced also. Geometric Dancing was an original commission by Tate Britain, inspired by art works in the 1920s and 1930s displays including Jacob Epstein and David Bomberg.

Additional information:

Workshop Type: Families and early years / immersive and theatrical / constructive.

Options: Drop in or a timed session / facilitator or family led .

Timing: Flexible, approx. 30 mins long.

Learning Outcomes:

Greater understanding of movement and monitor responses.

Greater knowledge of the history of art through cross discipline.

Opportunity to respond creatively to music.

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