Lantern Magic

We have a host of classic fairy tales for display. Our workshop involves not only an atmospheric, interactive re-telling with ornate hand-painted glass slides but also the opportunity to create and show off your own slide on our turn of the century lantern.

The workshop can be conducted in a straight-forward hands-on manner, or in a costumed theatrical Victorian style – depending on audience. We can also provide a brief history of the lantern if required..

Additional information:

Workshop Type: Families and under tens / immersive and theatrical.

Options: Timed session / facilitator led. Theatrical or simple show and tell.

Timing: Flexible, approx. 30-45mins.

Learning Outcomes:

Greater knowledge of early museums, science, media,

Greater knowledge of Victorian culture and inventions.

Opportunity to create own magic lantern side.

Build confidence through imaginative play.

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