Designed around an ancient Aztec board game, each player’s actions provide another series of choices / ways / means to transform the gallery space with string, chalk, fabric and cardboard cutouts  - the resulting patterns and arrangements mean no two games of Mythico! are ever the same.

Mythico! ends once the creative capacity of the space in which it is installed is reached. Participants can take as long as little time as they wish. Mythico! was developed  for Modern Art Oxford for artist Haris Epaminonda’s four screen installation Chapters but unfortunately not realised.

Additional information:

Workshop Type: Families and under tens / game based & open ended / discovery led / drop in.

Options: Site specific / self-led with facilitator assistance.

Timing: Flexible, approx. 30 mins long.

Learning Outcomes:

Greater understanding of space and opportunity to experiment with positive and negative space.

Opportunity to engage with open ended, imaginative play.

Opportunity to create big interventions with intricate details.

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