New Home Front @ Watch This Space, National Theatre

Given two market stalls at Alternative Village Fete outside The National Theatre in 2011, we transformed one into a cinema and the other into sewing bee. Encouraging passers-by to use an original Singer sewing machine to create an enormous patch work blanket, we also invited them into screenings of 1940s made films on home management from the Ministry of Information.

We access to a number of vintage items and games, are experts on cinema history and enjoy coming up with creative, engaging ways to combine the two. Markets stalls are a fantastic way to capture the imagination of a wide range of people.

Additional information:

Workshop Type: Show and tell / self-led / drop- in

Options: Costumed facilitators possible / games & demos can be provided / market can be base for another activity (i.e workshop or fictional tour)

Timing: Up to six hours / all day

Learning Outcomes:

Greater awareness of cultural history.

Opportunity to work collaboratively.

Chance to mix up cinema with making.

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