Science Fiction Cinema Day

A full day multi-activity workshop that explores the outer limits. Activities can include

  • Alternative Dimensions (science fiction story starting).
  •  IT CAME FROM OUTTA SPACE (monster clips).
  •  Dystopia Vs Utopia (design your sci-fi film set.)
  •  Skyscrapers, Sea Monsters & Sixth Dimension Treasure Trail.
  •  The Final Showdown (cabaret and awards.)

 Additional information:

Workshop Type: Families & schools / facilitator led / timed sessions.

Options: Mix and match content to age & interests / costumed & theatrical or simple show and tell.

Timing: Full day or half day sessions are available.

Learning Outcomes:

Enhanced knowledge of characteristics of sci-fi cinema, its use of technology and production design.

Greater awareness of the history of moving image media.

Improved confidence through articulating opinions, performing and creativity.

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