The Case of Z90Y0 @ Home Live Art, Royal Holloway.

For Home Live Art’s Fact Vs Fiction Science Fete at Royal Holloway, Mirror Mirror invented an interactive tour about previous employee Dr Nikolai Teslavski and his battle to save London against  invasion of alien ‘dodeccas’ in the late 1970’s.

Perfect for older children The Case of Z90Y0 uses made up stories, half truths and fabricated historical references to encourage critical analysis and creativity and can be adapted to a range of venues / settings.

Additional information:

Workshop Type: KS3 and young people / theatrical / facilitator led / timed sessions.

Options: Self-led session is possible / other activities can be provided around timed tours.

Timing: Approx. 30 mins long.

Learning Outcomes:

Greater awareness of science and cultural history.

Enhances observational and critical analysis skills.

Develops imagination and creative thinking.

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