The Mysterious Missing Kohi-Noor

Victorian sisters Anna and Bea’s explorer aunt has disappeared leaving them in charge of delivering their annual Christmas magic lantern extravaganza in which we trek to the far flung corners of the world in search of a missing magical diamond.

Encountering a rhyming lion, distant icy landscapes  and Gossip Gossip (the town Gossip) along the way and told with two 19th century lanterns and original slides, this atmospheric, epic adventure incorporates storytelling, music and audience participation with the opportunity to make your very own lantern slide, and take part in a final show and tell.

Additional information:

Workshop Type: Families and under tens / immersive and theatrical.

Options: Timed session / facilitator led.

Timing: Flexible, approx. 45 mins long

Learning Outcomes:

Enhanced knowledge of magic lanterns and the physics of projection.

Greater knowledge of Victorian culture.

Opportunity to create own magic lantern slide, build confidence through creation.

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